Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sepia Saturday Ventures - 24 Jun 2017 . . .

This man's best friend.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” 
– Roger Caras (photographer and writer)
quote source:

There are so many points of interest 
in this prompt photo from Sepia Saturday.
Maybe 'Tiny Houses' were the rage
earlier than we thought.

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  1. I can only dream.........I haven’t owned a dog since I was a child, but I do enjoy looking at the photos of other people’s canine companions.

  2. I'm like Nell, not having dogs in my life. But I do see those loving relationships and think that those two (or more) must know something I don't.

  3. Yiur photograph reminded me so much of several similar ones of my sleepy husband with our cocker spaniel curled up besides him - but I decided to spare the his blushes by not showing them!

  4. My dog continually contributes to improving my life. And you can't beat a good dog story. Better than stories about the kids.

  5. I'm a cat person myself, but who can argue with the love in that picture! What a shot!

  6. I just have a cat at home, but I love watching dogs being walked around my neighborhood.

  7. I'm not a dog fan but that is a sweet image. Our daughter has a dog and lets it get a bit too close to her toddler for my liking.

  8. I have never owned a dog, but they always like me for some reason.