Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Marriage - 19 Jun 2017

This young couple served in WWII
He was with the Army Air Corp 
attaining the rank of  Sargent
She was with the Women's Army Corps 
attaining the rank of Colonel
Robert Earl Barnett -  1913-1997           Irene Elizabeth Jamison - 1917-2002

After returning to their childhood community
They were married December 15, 1946

Sadly they lost their only child at birth
and welcomed their home
to many nieces and nephews over the years.
I was blessed to be their niece.

 They were married 50 years the year before
Uncle Bob passed away.

Aunt Irene was a quiet spoken woman. 
Since I lived next door, our lives were pretty much an open book. 
Yet I now wish that I had talked to her about the time she was in the military and her experiences in those years.

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