Friday, June 16, 2017

Now I Did It . . .

Yep, now I did it; made a public commitment in a blog comment and thanks to Jacqui Stevens at A Family Tapestry blog that commitment was made even more public when she mentioned it in her blog today---haha. Seriously though, it was the kind of little nudge I need in my determination to be persistent with my blog. Thanks, Jacqui.

So before tackling a block of time to renaming photo files in yet another attempt to be better organized, I WILL complete a blog post.

Photos were often a part of family visits when I was growing up and this one was always a favorite. Today I am struck by the resemblance I see in these two young boys to the faces I remember of two senior citizens. An then I blink and see a flash of Milford's great great grandchildren. 

Milford Vernon Myers (PopPop to me)
Rena Cline Myers

Photos are one of the foundation stones of family research. They evoke memories that bring forth family stories from the past and the time spent with the storyteller creates a new memory.

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Now on to renaming those photo files . . .